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Not all hearing loss requires a hearing machine aid!

Dr Shailesh Pandey of Aum ENT clinic, recently operated a 55 year old female patient l, who had progressive hearing loss. She was advised by another doctor to go for hearing aid which she was not comfortable with.

Aum ENT clinic conducted tests on her, found that she suffered from conductive hearing loss and had a bone gap of 35-50 decimels. Conductive hearing loss happens when sounds cannot get through the outer and middle ear. It may be hard to hear soft sounds. Louder sounds may be muffled.

Dr Shailesh Pandey counselled the patient and prepared her for a stapese/ stapedectomy surgery. Post surgery, the patient reported immediate marked improvement in hearing.

So why was the patient advised to go for a Stapedectomy and not a hearing aid? Well, the answer lies in the accurate diagnosis - both clinical and audiometric, key factors in decision making.

Otosclerosis is a disorder in which abnormal bone forms around the stapes — a tiny bone within your inner ear. This abnormal bone growth prevents the stapes from vibrating properly, causing a decrease in hearing. Stapedectomy — the surgical removal of the stapes and insertion of a prosthesis. The prosthesis conducts sound vibrations to your inner ear, restoring hearing.

Final Word:

If you are searching for the best ENT specialist in Mumbai, then consult Dr Shailesh Pandey at AUM ENT Clinic. Book an appointment on 02240032116

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