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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

People pay the doctor for his trouble;
For his kindness they remain in his debt

... Seneca (4 B.C. - 65 A.D.)


JAN 2022


The day I visited Dr. Pandey for my Thyroid Nodules problem, I met the most humble, confident and kind doctor!. After doing some tests, the doctor calmly explained the problem and how the surgery will solve the issue. Now surgery is always a fearful word, but the confidence he gave me allayed all my doubts and fears. On the surgery day too, he and his team put me at ease and the surgery went well, smooth and successful. No damage to my voice box or wind pipe. Post surgery there were no complications. Drain pipe was removed in 2 days. There was minimum pain and discomfort post op. Overall, i can say that it was a very good experience. Entire team is highly skilled, experienced and friendly too. Thank you Dr Pandey. I wish you all the success in future!


DEC 2021


Guys I am here to share my fed up story, which I was facing since last 10--11 years, in my right ear. Finally I found an excellent doctor - Dr Shailesh Pandey, who i can say is very well experienced and skilled for ENT problems. I got proper guidance about my problem and the problem which i suffered for years, was resolved in 2 months by Dr Pandey. The whole approach - pre surgery as well as post surgery - was fantastic, transparent and professional. Thank you doctor for helping me to live more my lifestyle!


AUG 2020


First of all, I would like to convey that Dr Shailesh patiently listens and offers the right advise. I have Claustrophobia and hence opting for a Nasal Surgery was a difficult decision for me to take. Had consulted many ENT prior to him and was not able to make up my mind as I was not convinced. Within 15 minutes of my discussion with Dr Shailesh, I was convinced he is the right doctor for me. He answered all my queries, and alleyed the fears I had. He was a very hands-on doctor during the entire episode, very approachable and my surgery went very well. Even his team took good care of me post surgery, especially during my panic attacks. I am very satisfied with the outcome and can confidently say that Dr Shailesh and his team are the right people to go to, if you ever need an ENT doctor!


DEC 2020


Excellent doctor patient rapport! Explains the pros and cons to the patient in a detailed manner. Highly recommended!


JUNE 2020


Very adept and knowledgeable doctor! Is able to inculcate trust along with the medicines, which helps a lot in the healing process. Definitely one of the best ENT doctor in Andheri, Mumbai area. 


SEPT 2020


Explained the entore issue in a calm manner. Answered each query patiently. Suggested right treatment and care. 


DEC 2019


I was disgnosed with Conductive Hearing Loss. Dr. Shailesh explained the condition and treatment needed for the same. The surgery went very well - right from planning to executing. Even post surgery care was very good. I have to thank the entire team who took care of me post surgery too. They answered every query, took care of every detail, regular follow-ups from their end. Very satisfied with the surgery result and service. Would recommend Dr Pandey to everyone who needs to see an ENT specialist. 

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