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Endoscopic Transcanal Surgery to correct / improve the hearing

Cholesteatoma is a unique disease of your ear in which a skin cyst grows into the middle ear and mastoid. The cyst is not cancerous but can erode tissue and cause destruction of your ear.​ The expanding Cholesteatoma sac generally causes destruction of the ear drum and ossicles (bones of hearing). This causes hearing loss. There can be discharge from the ear too.

In the below case study, the patient had earlier undergone a surgery at a reputed large hospital but his hearing had not shown improvement.

Dr Shailesh Pandey, best ENT doctor in Mumbai, evaluated the patient and suggested an endoscopic transcanal surgery to correct / improve the hearing. None of the Ossicles (hearing boones) were present , the tympanic membrane was adhered to promontory and negligible middle ear ventilation

The idea was to improve hearing,establish ventilation in the middle by creating the middle ear space, the boomerang makes a versatile, stable and robust autologous assembly. The Tragal cartilage is harvested, shaped into boomerang, Perichondrium kept intact, short limb sits into the oval window, long limb on the inferior canal wall by making a small groove ..

The patient had immediate post op improvement in hearing.

To know more, please contact ENT specialist Clinic - Aum ENT Clinic at Mumbai.

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